This site is the home of my portfolio . . . a brief outline of projects I have worked on since 1994, when I got into the interactive media industry. Please poke around a bit and let me know if you have any questions.


MTV Networks Work (2009-2011)
Nick Jr. Boost
After spending some time working on the former version of this game (AS2), I undertook building it from scratch in AS3. I designed the ActionScript architecture, the AS3 Game Developer's SDK, I built the playroom and the various satellite rooms, the avatar system, and much more. Follow the link above to check it out.
Addicting Games Conduit App
I built a menu of 120+ games from the Addicting Games catalogue which runs as an Addicting Games App for the Conduit toolbar. Users can install the AG app and it appears as a button on the top of their browser. Clicking the button launches a floating window on top of their browsers where they can load games and play them. I also spent some time working to help with display problems the games were having when switching from the video pre-play (advertising) to the games themselves.
Red Hill Studios Work (2006-2008)
I programmed five episodes of this educational game in Flash for Red Hill Studios which was based on a grant from the National Science Foundation. The game is set in a virtual CSI lab and is designed to get highschool biology students interested in a career in DNA Science. BioInvestigators is for currently playable online for a fee. To visit the site, click here.
Lifeboat to Mars
I was the primary designer and lead Flash programmer for the ecosystems simulation game segment of this curriculum based project for PBS Kids. The player is tasked with adding various plants, herbivores, and predators to the virtual ecosystem to get it in balance. The game includes a detailed level editor which allows users to submit their own "mods" to the server for others to play.
SMCHM Entrepreneurs Exhibit
I programmed this interactive Exhibit that is on display at the San Mateo County History Museum. Visitors are presented with an array of cards which animate and sort in various ways. Rolling over a card causes it to grow & reveal its story. Users can also submit cards by filling out a form. Museum administrators can review submissions, make changes, and choose to add or delete them all with on-screen tools. Card data is stored locally in XML format.
AMNH Polar Bear Blocks
I programmed this interactive exhibit, which is on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Users are prompted to choose like faces on the various blocks, then put them in order to tell a story. On-screen feedback helps those who are having trouble. Once the blocks have been correctly placed, the user is rewarded with a video clip that tells the story.
AW Manipulatives
AW Manipulatives: I programmed several of these interactive exercises for Addison Wesley. The series is available for purchase on CD-ROM. All programming and animation was done in Flash.
exploring time
Exploring Time Archive
I programmed the "Mosh View" of the Video Archive page, which serves as a fun way to explore the various clips from the two hour TV show that was broadcast on the Science Channel.
Letter of Recommendation from Robert Hone, Owner and Creative Director of Red Hill Studios.
Prior Work: Flapjack Interactive Portfolio
I owned and operated Flapjack Interactive from 1997 to 2006 and served in a variety of roles from project manager to animator and lead programmer. The video player to the left offers five different angles on the work I did during this period in Flash and in Director for web, cd-rom, and kiosk.